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Introduction Measurement Examples
Measurement Principle

Flexible shape measuring system for mid-sized objects

Many applications, such as medical engineering, demand the fast scanning of an object's shape. The CAM3D optical sensor enables complete surface measurement of an object in under a second. The generated point clouds are available immediately after measurement and can be computer processed to create a triangle mesh within a few minutes.
Fast evaluation and 3D display of data with easy-to-use software open up numerous opportunities for the user.
CAM3D is used for:  
- Non-contact measurement of works of art
- Reverse engineering
- Industrial shape and positioning inspection

Measurement Examples

The following objects were first digitized using CAM3D, then the SLIM3D reverse engineering software was used to process and display the data as triangle meshes
Mesh of a human head, reconstructed from 45 measurements (from the real-life subject) with a measurement accuracy of 130 µm. Prof. Gerd Häusler

Sculpture by Franz Marc Mesh of a bronze sculpture by Franz Marc (Moritzburg National Gallery, Halle / Saxony-Anhalt Regional Studies Museum), reconstructed from 32 measurements with a measurement accuracy of 120 µm.

Textued 3D mesh of a potato chip bag, aquired with CAM3D.

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potato chip bag

3D-Shape GmbH also provides 3D measurement services using the CAM3D measuring system.

Measurement Principle

CAM3D is an optical sensor based on coded illumination. Measurement is based on a patented process that involves illuminating the surface of the measured object with a fringe pattern. A camera observes the illuminated object from the side. The surface shape of the object is calculated according to the resulting displacement of the fringes.
Depth measure-
ment range
Resolution Measurement
100 x 100 60 mm       100 µm    30 µm     < 1s    
200 x 200 120 mm       200 µm    60 µm     < 1s    
300 x 300 180 mm       300 µm    90 µm     < 1s    
400 x 400 240 mm       400 µm    120 µm     < 1s    
600 x 600 360 mm       600 µm    180 µm     < 1s    
800 x 800 480 mm       800 µm    240 µm     < 1s    
1000 x 1000 600 mm       1000 µm    300 µm     < 1s    

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Trumpeting Angel
Mesh of the "Trumpet Angel" at the Bamberg cathedral, reconstructed from 200 measurements with a measurement accuracy of 140 µm

Fringe pattern projected
Fringe pattern projected onto the object surface, seen from the camera's perspective.